"Living in a world that seems to take all our time, money and energy just to keep things going, itís hard sometimes to think of prosperity much less abundance. Fortunately, the Cayce Readings help guide me in my daily activities and remind me of my true wealth."
William M. Austin DC 12/12/2014

"I discovered the Edgar Cayce material in 1978 and it has been one of my beacons since. What it has done for me can be summed up by the actions of my youngest son, Corwin. When he got married two years ago he asked me to officiate his wedding. I was awe struck by the honor. He said he could think of no one better, that I was the most spiritual guy he knew. That is my testimony of how the Cayce material has evolved my life."
Don Carroll, Virginia Beach, Va.

"A.R.E. continues to serve humanity by educating, challenging and inspiring seekers interested in growing spiritually, mentally and physically. The Cayce material is being researched, tested and applied more successfully with each passing year. I have personally witnessed many amazing successes from application of this timeless guidance. Supporting the efforts of A.R.E. through volunteer work and financial contributions helps secure the advancement of all humankind."
Paul Mazza, Atlanta, Ga.


Meet A.R.E.ís Board of Trustees

Back Row (Left to Right): Don Caroll, Rick Hersberger, Lou Henry, Charles Thomas Cayce, Bill Austin,
Art Strickland, Paul Mazza and Vickie Church
Middle Row (Left to Right): Linda Rohrer, Andrea Singer, Bill Brown, Joseph Taylor
Bottom Row (Left to Right): Martha Loveland, Judy Knueven, Lora Little, Betsy York

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